Radish love

Lately I’ve been a bit of a radish nerd. I’ve been collecting radish seeds from small seed companies that specialize in heirloom, endangered, and open-pollinated seeds. I’ve been growing them in pots on the balcony, which is working out quite well.  The soil in the pots is very loose, which gives the radishes plenty of room to grow, so they are actually doing better in pots than in the ground.

These three beauties come from West Coast Seeds, based out of Delta, BC, in Canada. The bright purple radish on the left is an Amethyst, and wow, is it ever bright! It’s also incredibly spicy and our favourite so far. The middle radish comes from their Easter Egg Blend, so I’m not sure exactly what kind of radish it is. And the radish on the right is an open-pollinated Altaglobe.

Soon I’ll be planting a few more varieties, including White Icicle, Watermelon, Black Spanish Round, Yellow Carrot Rooted, and French Breakfast. Most of the varieties I order are open-pollinated, which means that it’s possible to grow them for seed in the right conditions, so I might give that a try! (Unfortunately the Amethyst are hybrids.)

If I can grow more radishes than my husband can eat, then I am going to take a stab at making pickled radishes — stay tuned!