Zucca melon seeds

Planting the zucca melon seed

So it turns out that zucca melon seed is not that easy to germinate. They require soil that is 70-85 degrees F, and they can take from 7 to 48 days to sprout.

Yes, 7 to 48 days. I had to read that a few times to really get it to sink in. It could take a month and a half just for these seeds to sprout.  A month-and-a-half just to get the seeds to sprout!

It’s March 7th today, and in my area the last frost is around April 19th, so I figure I had better get started! I want to get these guys in the ground as soon as I can, because the Pacific Northwest climate I am in is very rainy, and it can be hard to grow things that require a lot of sun. Things like zucca melons.

To speed up the sprouting process, I am soaking the seeds in water overnight.  Wish me luck, I will update as things progress!

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