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I spend most of my time thinking about things to write and then posting them on the internet. They end up here, or on my other website, LowCarbSlowCarb.com. (Don’t tell my low carb website about all of the icing recipes here, please.) And if you end up eating too much icing, check out LowCarbSlowCarb.com for low carb and whole-grain recipes that will keep your blood sugar level and help you lose weight. Then come back here and eat icing. If I work things right, I can have you bouncing between these two sites indefinitely.

I am a mom of one, and I live in Victoria, BC. Expect to see recipes, crafts, things I think are neat, and the occasional story about trying to green up my life. Just don’t expect to see them on any kind of sensible timetable, since I spend most of my time trying to entertain a very short and energetic toddler.


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